How Should I Prepare for My Admission Interview?

By Michaela February 19, 2021 College Application Interview Prep Press

Although college admission interviews are an necessary component of the college admissions cycle, there are ways to prepare to make them less stressful. Practicing the right interview questions in advance and knowing what interviewers are looking for in the interview will help you not be intimidated by these questions. 

But it’s not only finding a list of questions that they are likely to ask you, and practicing answers. It’s also realizing the type of questions they’d be asking and why these questions are being asked. Success is found by learning how to answer open-ended questions effectively, so you have a structured answer, and don’t trail off at the end.

Learning the strategy behind the common questions will allow you to prepare for any question that may arise in an interview.  Read all the tips and tricks in our article on CollegeXpress

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