Affirmative Action – yes or no?

By admin August 11, 2016 College Search

A Gallup poll revealed that 70% of Americans believe that college admissions should be based solely on merit and that a person’s racial/ethnic background should not be a factor.

This brings into question the recent ruling upholding affirmative action in the Supreme Court case, Fisher v. University of Texas. The plaintiff, a white female named Abigail Fisher, sued the school after she was denied a spot because of her race. She said the school’s policy violated the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

Most Americans surveyed disagree with the Supreme Court ruling. 65% of those surveyed disapproved of the Supreme Court decision while 31% approved.

More on the Fisher case can be found in this post: Supreme Court upholds use of race in university affirmative action case

How do you feel? Affirmative Action – yes or no?