Colleges Still Accepting Applications, Including Rolling Admission Options

By Brandie Erickson March 21, 2024 College Application Press

As college application season starts to wind down and spring approaches, most high school seniors have likely finished applying to colleges. Many regular decision deadlines for colleges ended in January, with decisions to be released in early April.

However, there is a common misconception that once the regular decision deadlines have passed, students will have no more options for applying to colleges. Some colleges around the country have late deadlines, with some accepting applications on a rolling basis as space allows and even as late as August 1. These later deadlines give students one last chance to find the best place for them to continue their higher education.

Who Should Consider Late Application Deadlines

  1. Students considering their options. Senior year can be fraught with many complex decisions, and many students are still figuring out their path. Late admission deadlines can give students, who are still exploring or undecided about their future, some additional time. Students who also got waitlisted or deferred from their top choices might also want to consider adding more schools. That additional time and longer application window offer them a chance to weigh their options or consider a broader range of majors or schools.
  2. Students with unexpected circumstances. Illness, family emergencies, and other challenges are just a few examples that might prevent students from applying earlier in the cycle. Later deadlines give them the flexibility to apply to colleges that are closer to home or better fit their changing circumstances.
  3. Students who needed more time to gather application materials. The early and regular decision application window comes fast for high school seniors. Between writing the personal statement and other supplemental essays, finalizing standardized test scores, asking for letters of recommendation and sending transcripts, there are many pieces of the application process that are required. Having a later deadline can be beneficial for students who didn’t gather all the application materials in time.
  4. Non-traditional students. Not all students are applying to college right after high school. Some might have taken a gap year, a longer hiatus or even pursued an alternative career or academic path. Their timeline might not always fit within the confines of traditional application deadlines. Having later or rolling deadlines gives them more flexibility to make the best choice.

Considerations Before Applying To Late Admission Deadlines

Even though colleges are still accepting applications, it doesn’t necessarily mean students should run out and apply to more colleges. Before adding more schools to a college list, here is what students should consider.

  1. Available programs and majors. Even if the undergraduate university still accepts applications, it doesn’t mean they are accepting students into every major. For example, the University of Massachusetts-Lowell accepts applications on a rolling basis but only for select majors. Students applying to its nursing program had to apply by January 5 to be considered. Before applying to the college, confirm that they have the desired program or major still available.
  2. Financial aid and scholarships. Applying later to colleges might impact access to scholarships. Barry University accepts applications on a rolling basis, but if students wanted to be considered for its Stamps Scholars Program—which provides full tuition and room and board, among other benefits—they had to apply by January 15. Before applying, take time to research what options are still available.
  3. Housing and campus life. Policies related to on-campus housing can vary from university to university, and not all have enough space for freshmen on-campus housing. Therefore, some schools give priority to students who committed and paid a deposit versus students who committed later in the cycle.
  4. School fit. Before taking the time to apply to a school, make sure to consider the fit of the school. Take into account major options, program costs, career possibilities and anything else the student is looking for in their college experience before applying.

Colleges Still Accepting Applications

The following are colleges that offer a late admission deadline.*

April 15

Loyola University New Orleans (LA)

Santa Clara University (CA) **transfer only

April 22

Regis University (CO)

Rolling Admissions

Adelphi (NY)

Antioch College (OH)

Barry University (FL)

Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ)

Franklin Pierce University (NH)

Manhattanville College (NY)

Penn State University (PA)

St. John’s College (both campuses, MD and NM)

Stetson University (FL)

Texas Christian University (TX)

University of Alabama (AL)

University of Massachusetts – Lowell (MA) (Rolling until Aug 1 for select majors)

University of North Carolina—Asheville (NC)

Ursinus College (PA)

*Application deadlines are subject to change; please confirm the deadlines on the college website.

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