Three Big Changes Affecting College Admissions That All High School Students And Parents Need To Know About

By Michaela October 14, 2020 College Application College Search Press

Before the last NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) conference, colleges were a little restricted in their incentive and recruiting tactics. 

In fact, colleges were not allowed to:

  • Offer incentives, like larger financial aid packages or priority housing, to early decision applicants. 
  • Recruit a student once they had submitted a deposit to another school. 
  • Convince previous applicants or prospects to transfer to their school unless the student first inquires about transferring. 

All of these provisions were reversed at the 2019 NACAC conference, each of which completely alters the future of college recruiting. Additionally, changes to recruiting means that it is no longer capped on the traditional date of May 1. This means recruiting could carry on into the late summer, with students fielding offers from different institutions well past the traditional National Decision Day. 

What do all of these changes mean for the future of college recruiting efforts? Read Kristen Moon’s article on