Reminders: Confirm Letters of Recommendation + Send SAT/ACT Scores

By Brandie Erickson September 1, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting College Application

As the college application deadlines draw closer, we want to remind you of two critical tasks: confirming your letters of recommendation and sending your SAT or ACT scores.

This week, reach out to your chosen recommenders to confirm that they can complete and submit their letters on your behalf before your first deadline. Remind your recommenders of any approaching deadlines and include essential details such as the submission method and any other information they might need. Make sure to tell them thank you!

For your SAT and ACT schools, confirm which universities or BS/MD programs require official SAT or ACT scores. Use the College Board’s or ACT’s score reporting feature to send your scores electronically to the colleges you are applying to. Send them early to ensure that you meet the score submission deadlines set by each institution.

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