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How To WOW College Admissions Staff With Your Extracurriculars

It’s more important than ever to plan the rest of high school mindfully by choosing the right AP classes and building the most competitive resume that highlights their strengths and passions. Moon Prep Counselors will cover how students can spend their year productively by building their resumes through activities. The… Read More

How To Write A Winning Personal Statement For College

What can you offer the colleges, besides the numbers? This is where your essay comes in. It turns you into a three-dimensional person and helps you stand out from a crowded field of applicants.   Writing the personal statement—and even just brainstorming a topic—can be a struggle for high school… Read More

A Summer Checklist For Rising Seniors

For rising seniors, the summer before application season begins is more important than ever.   Moon Prep Counselors will cover a checklist for the summer for rising seniors, including how to build your resume, prepare for the college application and understand the college admission process.   Participants will be able… Read More

What BS/MD Candidates Need To Do This Summer

Direct medical programs—also known as BS/MD, BA/MD, BS/DO, or BA/DO—are some of the most competitive programs in the college admission process, with some programs only accepting 6 applicants a year. Students accepted into a BS/MD program can finish their undergraduate studies and go directly into medical school thanks to a… Read More

How To Get Published in a Scientific Journal While Still in High School

Getting recognized for your scientific research while still in high school might seem like an impossible task.   Moon Prep Counselors will cover how students can build their scientific resume and impress college admissions counselors by completing research, writing a research paper, and getting it published in a scientific journal…… Read More

Get a Head Start on BS/MD Applications – Summer Planning

Join Moon Prep’s experienced medical school admission counselors, as they review what you should be doing in the upcoming months to prepare for your medical school application.   We will be discussing: – The various application platforms – Timeline for applying to BS/MD Programs – BS/MD specific questions – Tips… Read More

Understanding The College Admissions Process

Although life seems like it won’t get back to normal anytime soon, you should still have a plan for your college admissions. Moon Prep Counselors will cover a checklist for high school students, including: – How to build your resume safely during a pandemic – Creating a college list –… Read More

Scholarships and Reviewing Your Financial Aid Letter

With the cost of many top universities exceeding $75K per year, paying for college without being buried in student loan debt, is on the top of many families’ minds. Moon Prep’s scholarship experts and will guide families, including high-income students, through the whole process. They will be covering everything from… Read More