Summer Reading Programs: Ready, Set, Go!

By admin June 29, 2016 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Summer Plans

As parents, we are looking for ways to make sure our children are equipped to handle the future, especially when it comes to college admissions. One of the many tools parents can utilize during the summer break is the “Summer Reading Program”.

Summer reading programs are great and extremely useful. Now, there are even studies proving this. A recent study, lasting 3 years, conducted by the Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information studies has found that summer reading programs play a great role in boosting children’s reading skills. The study observed that children who attend these programs scored 52 points higher than the ones who did not attend.

How many times this summer have you heard your child say, “I am bored.” Probably more time than you can count. Summer reading programs might just be the cure for boredom. Reading programs provide structure, which students often seek during the summer break from school. They also provide motivation and reward students for their efforts. The best part of all, they are frequently FREE.

Summer reading programs help children address the issue of learning loss, which occurs during the long summer break as a result of being kept away from a learning environment for an extended period of time.

Give your children the academic advantage by enrolling them in a summer reading program. The earlier the better. The first place to check is your local library. Many local public libraries offer free reading programs. If that does not interest you, below are some more options for you to consider.

1. The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon

Barnes & Noble hosts a Reading Triathlon every summer. The enrollment process is quite simple. All you need to is download the Summer Reading Triathlon Journal here and fill it out.

The next step is to take the completed journal to your nearest Barnes & Noble store.

Finally, select a free book listed on the Reading Journal and start reading!

Read more about this program here.

2. The New York Times Summer Reading Contest

Since 2010, The New York Times has been encouraging teenagers to add the New York Times to their respective summer reading lists. The entire program lasts around ten weeks and the contests are held each Friday. This year it is being held from June 17 to August 19.

The contest is open to anyone from the age of 13 to 19. It is an international event, which means your children will be competing with other children from across the globe.

Every Friday students will answer the same questions: What interested you most in The Times this week? Why? Participants can choose any Times article, including videos and photographs, as their topic.

Winners will be announced every Tuesday, beginning from the 5th of July this year. These winners will have their writings published on the New York Times blog.

For more details, download the PDF here.

3. UGA Reading Program

For local residents living in the Metro Atlanta area, the University of Georgia offers its own Summer Reading Program. Everybody from 4-year-olds to 12th graders, college students, and adults are welcome to join.

The program is active throughout metro Atlanta and surrounding areas including, Dallas, Lawrenceville, Gainesville, Marietta, Macon, Valdosta, Savannah, Woodstock, Augusta, and more.

For more details, please call: 1 (800) 964-8888.

Find your nearest location at: