SAT or ACT? Tips for Deciding and Top Study Resources

By admin February 8, 2022 College Application College Search Press Standardized Tests Uncategorized

The ACT and SAT are more similar now than ever before since the 2016 redesign of the SAT. But while the two exams have similar features, they do still differ enough that your choice of which to take matters. Deciding which standardized test to take for college admission is important.

How to decide between the SAT and ACT

Here are three key academic weak or strong points you should consider about yourself to help you decide which standardized test to take.

  • If you struggle with math, the SAT is probably better for you because the test provides formulas. For the ACT, you must memorize the formulas and remember when they should be applied.
  • If you have a strong science background, take the ACT because it has a section devoted to science-based questions. The SAT doesn’t offer a Science section at all, so your knowledge and skills would go to waste in regard to the tests.
  • If you have strong reading comprehension skills, the SAT might be better. The SAT gives you more time on the Reading section, but the required reading level tends to be higher. Students with good analysis skills should take the SAT. However, if you can read quickly and still understand the material, the ACT might be the better option.

Free test prep resources for students

Taking in-person or online tutoring courses can be expensive, and they aren’t right for every student. Luckily, there’s a multitude of free and high-quality test prep sites available that can aid students without the hefty price tag. Here’s a roundup of the best free resources for studying for either test.

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