How To Spend Your Summer Job Shadowing

By admin June 9, 2019 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Medical School Admissions Consulting Press Summer Plans

Now that summer is here, what have you been doing? If the answer is “not much,” then it’s time to make a plan.

Job shadowing is a great way for you to spend your summer, begins allows you to gain useful skills, learn more about a future career, and it shows to colleges that you take initiative.

For students who can spend a few weeks investing in unpaid job shadowing, it is an excellent way to elevate your college application and learn more about what future career path might be best for you.

What Is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing is when you spend a week, or even a few weeks, observing a professional working in their day-to-day position. Through shadowing, you gain hands-on knowledge, which can help you narrow down what academic field or career you want to pursue.

As a high schooler, it can be particularly beneficial. It demonstrates to colleges that you not only want to become a doctor, engineer, or architect but that you took the initiative to explore the field further. Regardless of whether you are in college or high school, it shows ambition and resourcefulness to colleges and future employers.

To learn more about how to find a shadowing position, read Moon Prep’s article on Thrive Global.