What’s the best college in Georgia?

By admin October 4, 2016 BS/MD Admissions Consulting

Well, that all depends on who you ask.

There are tons of sources that rank colleges. It’s a big money maker for them since many students and parents pay attention to these rankings. Yup, it’s a business.

I am sure most of you have flipped through the rankings in US News & World Report, Money Magazine, or Forbes. Those are just a few of the top ranking sources, but there are much more. Which one should you listen to? How come their ranking are different from one another? The short answer is that they use different criteria. I also would not base the next 4 years of my life on any one source. Investigate each university and see for yourself which one if a good fit. Let the rankings serve only as a starting point for further investigation.

We have rounded up some of the rankings for universities in Georgia for you. Let’s take a look…

Most Beautiful

Berry College always wins the beauty contest.

BuzzFeed and Travel and Leisure magazine have both ranked Berry as having the “Most Beautiful College Campuses”

Best bang for your buck

Georgia Tech and UGA are the winners in this category with the highest ROI.

Georgia Tech was also the only Georgia college to make the Fiske 2014 Best Buy list based on its quality academics and affordability.

Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia were also named best values in MONEY’s 2016 ranking of the best colleges for your money.

Best College in GeorgiaBest College in Georgia

Best for African Americans

Essence and MONEY magazines ranked the top 50 colleges for African Americans in 2016.

Spelman was the top-ranked among Georgia schools.

Georgia Tech ranked No. 12, and Emory University came in at No. 42.

Best for women

Of the 50 schools included in College Choice’s 2016 best colleges and universities for women, Emory University is the only Georgia school to make the list.

Best in the World

Among the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings list of the top 100 best universities in the world, Georgia Tech ranked No. 41, and Emory University ranked No. 90.

Best in the South

In the South, three Georgia colleges make the top 25. Emory University, Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia all made the Forbes ranking of the South’s top colleges.

Best in Georgia

Emory University, Georgia Tech, and UGA are the three best colleges in Georgia, according to the 2015 Niche Rankings.