What International Students Applying to a U.S. University Need to Know

By admin April 19, 2018 BS/MD Admissions Consulting

Students applying to universities in the United States often tend to underestimate the time it takes to apply for admittance to a university or college. International students have extra steps involved in the application process.

Below are a few things international students need to be aware:

Standardized tests – In addition to the ACT or SAT, international students often have to take an English language proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS). Even if the student grew up speaking English and is fluent, many colleges require this test if English is not the first language of the country they live. Minimum scores are set by each university.

Credential evaluation – School curriculums tend to vary from one country to another, not only in language but in practice too. Many colleges require official translation of transcripts. International students need to submit the transcripts to a credential evaluator who will examine all the credentials and translate the content in the documents into the curriculum of the host country for further review.

Financial Aid – International students do not have the same financial aid options as U.S. students. They are not eligible for any federal aid. Also, most U.S. universities will require they show proof of funding before the F1 visa is issued. This means the student must show official bank records proving they have enough funds to cover at least 1 full year of tuition and living expenses.