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By admin March 16, 2018 BS/MD Admissions Consulting

Kristen Moon Says:

Instead of applying for that job at Burger King, how about creating an experience that will supercharge your college application.

Job shadowing is what I am referencing.

If you aspire to be a dentist, then shadow one. A pediatrician? Job shadowing will be a perfect way to get hands-on experience in a clinical setting. Many students, and their parents, wrongly believe that job shadowing is hard to come by. That’s because most students approach it the wrong way. The best opportunities will not be found on Monster or Indeed. They are created.

Call your family dentist. Explain to her that you are an aspiring dentist. Then explain the value you intend to add to her practice. Remember, job shadowing must be mutually beneficial. Pick up the phone and make it personal.

Start with the people you know, people your parents know, and family friends. You’d be surprised how resourceful your inner circle is and just how far a referral goes.

Not only will job shadowing create a worthwhile summer, but it also looks amazing on those college applications. It shows the college that you are not just SAYING you want to be an architect – or doctor or whatever – you are SHOWING them you took the initiative to explore this passion.

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