3 Ways High School Students Can Graduate with College Credit

By admin March 8, 2017 BS/MD Admissions Consulting

Many high school students are graduating with college credit. This not only allows the student to graduate college early, but also helps to save a great deal of money on tuition. In Georgia, three options are offered to ambitious students wishing to make an early transition to college: joint enrollment, early admission, and Move On When Ready (MOWR).

Joint Enrollment (dual enrollment): A high school student is enrolled in college-level courses while still attending high school. They can take as many, or as few, college courses as their schedule allows. Many states offer aid and often times the student can take these college-level courses for free.

Early Admission: High school students skip their senior year and start college early. Early admission programs are typically run by the individual college.

Move On When Ready (MOWR): Georgia offers high school students a third option. MOWR is a state-wide program for high school juniors and seniors; it is a hybrid between joint enrollment and early admission. In MOWR, a student is officially enrolled in a public high school but takes no classes at the high school level. They instead attend college full-time. All GA state colleges are required to participate in MOWR. The college tuition is paid by the state and the student is only responsible for books and miscellaneous fees.

All three of these options are great ways students can save money on college tuition.

To find out more about these programs, visit the Georgia Department of Education’s webpage here.