2 Websites Offering Online College Courses (and More!)

By admin April 7, 2017 BS/MD Admissions Consulting

We live in a world where time is limited and yet, we’re expected to expand our knowledge base. So, what does one do to overcome this challenge? Well, a fantastic solution would be to pursue an online course.

Online courses may not offer the traditional benefits of a classroom environment. However, they do allow you to explore new interests or dive deeper into a topic that interests you. You have the advantage of always staying one step ahead.

Speaking of online courses, below are 2 websites offering a wide variety of online courses.


Udacity offers a unique learning experience. The site actively avoids the concept of traditional lectures. Instead, it offers to educate learners by involving them in problem solving exercises and on projects designed by university lecturers/professors from all over the globe.

Udacity was established by a trio of Stanford based professors, who specialize in Robotics. The professors had started the site with an idea to offer university level learning within an online environment. They offered their first course on the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The course had managed to attract more than 150,000 students from every corner of the world.

Udacity claims that their courses are just as challenging as any university level course. What’s even more impressive is that Udacity’s courses are actually recognized, which means you can be recruited for a job based on your Udacity “degree”.



COURSERA is a site that offers college courses designed by some of the world’s most reputed institutions. This includes Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, and University of Pennsylvania etc. Also, the courses are free and subjects covered include: Medicine, Mathematics, Humanities, Economics, Computer Science, Biology, Business, and more.

Ideas and concepts are reinforced using tests and interactive exercises.

The courses explore various topics under each subject. For instance, opting for Mathematics will take you through topics such as Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, and Calculus.


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