Tarek F

Mentor + Essay Coach

Tarek is committed to taking a holistic approach in helping craft essays that show programs why students will make excellent candidates for admission.

Reno, Nevada

MD Candidate 2024, University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine
BS Mathematics 2013, Arizona State University

Tarek has a varied background, including being a tutor, high school educator, and mentor in medical school. Having taken a non-traditional route to medicine, Tarek is aware that diverse experiences are extremely valuable in medicine and in the application process, regardless of the applicant’s age. Tarek is passionate about writing and believes that the essay portion of applications is foundational to expressing how student’s life experiences, values, and goals make them a unique asset to institutions. He believes in holding students to a high standard of excellence while guiding them with clear expectations through the entire writing process while giving them room to express themselves and find their own voice.

As a fourth-year medical student, Tarek has been longitudinally involved in the mentorship of medical students, undergraduate students, and high school students in the Reno area. He is the leader of a student organization called Mentors in Medicine, which is dedicated to long-term mentorship of high school students interested in careers in healthcare. This program begins in freshman year of high school and consists of direct mentorship, education about different healthcare careers, and guidance on what students should pursue as they progress to senior year and college to best prepare them for applications. He also was hired by UNR Med to tutor students in the first and second-year curricula.

Tarek was a mathematics and computer science high school teacher for three years after graduating from ASU. Starting in college, Tarek has tutored in a range of subjects, including mathematics, sciences, MCAT, and medicine. After teaching, he gained experience as a medical scribe before getting accepted to medical school.