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Moon Prep will guide you through every aspect of your U.S. residency matching. Using a multi-pronged approach, our team will advise you on how to become the most competitive candidate.

A team of experienced Medical School Counselors will focus on getting results and helping you match into your first-choice specialty. Our comprehensive residency advising program will help you navigate the entire application process strategically. We work one-on-one with you to polish and perfect your personal statement to showcase why you are the perfect candidate for the residency program. Moon Prep offers convenient hourly rates, allowing you to customize the help you need.

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Expert Guidance For All Your Application Needs

The small details matter — and Moon Prep will help ensure that every aspect of your applications is perfect. We can help you:

  • Select your best-fit U.S. residency programs
  • Fill gaps in your application
  • Strengthen your academic profile
  • Identify who to ask for Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal statement guidance from brainstorming the beginning draft to editing the final copy
  • Review the Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  • Identify and fix weaknesses in your ERAS application
  • Prep for residency interviews through mock interviews and detailed feedback

International Medical School Graduates (IMGs)

IMGs face unique challenges when applying to U.S. residency programs. Oftentimes, the bar is raised higher for these candidates.

The U.S. residency application process can seem challenging for International Medical School Graduates. In 2020-21, only 59% of IMGs matched into a program. To tip the odds in your favor, work with one of our experienced Medical School Counselors to develop a customized application plan. We can guide you, no matter where you are in the process. 

Who Is Considered An IMG?

Whether you are considered an International Medical Graduate isn’t decided by your citizenship, but instead is dictated by the location and accreditation of the medical school. 

IMGs are divided into two categories: U.S. IMGs and Non-U.S. IMGs. U.S. IMGs are U.S. citizens who graduated from international medical schools. Non-U.S. citizens who graduated from international medical schools are considered Non-U.S. IMGs. 

Students who graduate from Caribbean Medical Schools (regardless of citizenship) are IMGs. 

Graduates of a U.S. or Canadian medical school, even those who are not U.S. citizens, are not classified as International Medical Graduates. 

IMGs Have Different Eligibility Requirements

To gain a U.S. residency position, students participate in The Match. Each year, candidates submit a Rank Order List (ROL) of their top programs, and each residency program director submits a list of their top candidates. Using a computer algorithm, the applicants’ ROL is matched with the director’s ranked candidates. 

However, IMGs must take an additional step before they can begin this process. First, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) must certify whether the IMG is ready to match with a U.S. residency program. Before taking the USMLE or starting a graduate medical education program, IMGs must be certified. 

Moon Prep can help you plan for each of the steps before you can get matched, including: 

  • Submitting an application for ECFMG certification 
  • Taking the USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK
  • Documenting your Medical Education Credential Requirements

Verify IMG Eligibility Within Each State And Each Program

Moon Prep can save you time and energy to help you check all state and program-specific requirements. Some of these requirements include: 

  • Minimum postgraduate training 
  • Number of testing attempts at licensing examinations allowed
  • Time limits for completing licensing examination sequence 

Mentorship On How to Stand Out In Your Residency Application

Whether you are a U.S. medical school graduate or IMG, Moon Prep can guide you through this competitive and complicated process. To help our students stand out, we focus on bringing their unique attributes and experiences to their essays and interviews.

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Moon Prep is committed to:

  • Getting our students accepted into the most competitive programs in the country
  • Going the extra mile to help you polish and refine your application
  • Achieving our common goal of getting you accepted into your first-choice speciality

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