Nidhi B

College Counselor

Nidhi is an experienced college counselor at Moon Prep, where she combines her personal experience in medicine and a personal passion for mentoring the next generation of doctors. As a member of Brown University’s Program in Liberal Medical Education, Nidhi is experienced in BS/MD applications and has gained insight into the nuances of approaching admissions essays and BS/MD admissions strategies. She enjoys helping students and families create college lists, search for resume-building opportunities, and craft unique essays that highlight students’ stories and passions.

A BS/MD student with a passion for writing, Nidhi has enjoyed helping others draft and refine college essays and personal statements in a manner that authentically showcases their stories. She also has experience seeking out research, passion projects, and volunteering opportunities. Nidhi has a passion for guiding prospective BS/MD applicants through choosing activities and experiences that can supplement and strengthen their applications. Finally, she has experience tutoring AP Calculus, AP English Literature, and AP English Language.

Nidhi has extensive experience with academic writing through her coursework in public policy and anthropology and has served as a columnist in the Brown Daily Herald. She also served as Editor-In-Chief of Oxford University’s student paper- the Oxford Blue.

Brown University (Member of the Program in Liberal Education)
Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Biology

Oxford University
MSc in Medical Anthropology

Warren Alpert School of Medicine
MD Candidate