Mission Statement

  • To constantly maintain the world’s leading direct medical programs knowledge base and to share this knowledge effectively with ambitious students so that they are prepared and empowered to follow their dreams of a career in medicine.

Vision Statement

  • Moon Prep exists to prepare and empower the next generation of medical professionals with the world’s leading direct medical programs knowledge base.

Core Values

At Moon Prep, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Act With The Utmost Integrity 
    • At Moon Prep, we prioritize acting ethically. We are driven to create and maintain a culture based on transparency, clear expectations, open communication, and honesty.  
  • Practice Kindness
    • At Moon Prep, we see the best in our clients, each other, and ourselves. We approach each human interaction with understanding and compassion, cultivating a positive and supportive environment that drives us to go the extra mile in all that we do.
  • Respect For All
    • At Moon Prep, we promote equality. We equally value the needs and time of each individual, including ourselves. We strive to foster respect through a flexible and understanding environment for all.
  • Champion Collaboration
    • At Moon Prep, we appreciate how our diverse skills enhance our work. We believe in the strength of inclusive teamwork, turning individual efforts into a powerful collective force for positive impact. We strive to collaborate closely, learning and growing together.