Josh A

College Counselor

Dr. Josh is a skilled college counselor at Moon Prep, with expertise advising school districts, county offices of education, and individual students navigating high school success and college admissions. Dr. Josh is currently an Admissions Interviewer for Harvard University and previously served as a Superintendent Of Schools, Chief Academic Officer, High School Principal, and English Teacher.  

Dr. Josh knows what it takes to get accepted to the top universities and BS/MD Programs. Leveraging his vast background in college admissions and education, Dr. Josh leads his students to acceptance at their top choice universities. As a former English teacher at Santa Monica High School, and principal of one of America’s Top 100 High Schools, Dr. Josh is deeply familiar with the context of his students and families and serves as a valuable resource in supporting their life-long academic goals.


University of Southern California
Ed.D., K-12 Leadership

Harvard University
Ed.M., School Leadership

University of California, Los Angeles
B.A., English