Jacqueline D

Test Prep Mentor

Jacqueline helps students prepare for the SAT by teaching reading, writing, and mathematical skills.

Santa Barbara, CA

University of California, Santa Barbara

As an SAT Tutor with Moon Prep, Jacqueline provides her students with knowledge and mentoring on standardized exams. She is passionate about supporting students to gain a deeper understanding of reading analysis and mathematical concepts, helping them perform better on exams while also building relevant foundational skills needed to pursue higher education.

Jacqueline is currently a Biological Sciences major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jacqueline has an abundance of experience with standardized exams needed for the college application process and has developed a strong strategy for the necessary preparation before heading into an exam room. Additionally, as an undergraduate with very recent experience with the SAT, she is familiar with the strategies needed to accurately solve and approach the various questions frequently appearing on the exam.

For two years, Jacqueline served as a peer tutor for students in STEM courses, including biology, chemistry, and calculus, through her high school’s tutoring program and National Honor Society chapter. She also has experience managing financial transactions for her high school’s Associated Student Body while helping incoming students register for school.