Grant C

Mentor + Essay Coach

Grant focuses on the unique originality of his students, partnering with them to highlight their individual qualities, secure meaningful passion projects, and craft moving essays that ultimately leave a lasting impression on admission committees.

Pontiac, Michigan

Resident, McLaren Oakland/Macomb
DO, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
BS, Zoology, Weber State University

As a medical mentor with Moon Prep, Grant partners with his students to draw out their unique originality in their applications, working with them to highlight their strengths, secure meaningful passion projects, and craft moving essays that ultimately leave a standout impression on admission committees. He is passionate about filling gaps in education and believes in giving students accurate and realistic information. Taking an individualized approach, Grant believes students have unique qualities that make them who they are, and he helps them translate these qualities seamlessly into their applications and essays. He believes focusing on what the student is already passionate about makes the process both enjoyable and extremely rewarding. He strives to be a sincere advocate for everyone he engages, and he enjoys guiding students not only in their studies, extracurricular activities, and passion projects but also in submitting their best possible applications to their top-choice programs.

Alongside his mentoring at Moon Prep, Grant completed his medical degree at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is currently a resident physician at McLaren Oakland/Macomb in Michigan where he is training in diagnostic radiology. As a first-generation medical student, Grant secured admission during his first application cycle and has gained invaluable insights into the tips, techniques, and best practices of the arduous admissions process. As an avid self-learner, Grant relied heavily on podcasts, books, and various articles during college and the medical school application cycle to teach himself the ins and outs of finding admissions success. Outside his studies, Grant is an active member of his community, where he is currently involved in the Radiology Interest Group and the Financial Success Club, which he founded to educate and empower students on financial literacy and business fundamentals. In this role, he arranges meetings, presentations, and open discussions between medical doctors and financial advisors on what it takes to succeed in medicine and personal finance. Grant has also volunteered at McKay-Dee Hospital and Symbii Home Health and Hospice in Utah. With a panoramic perspective across medicine, research, volunteering, and family life, one of his primary goals is to share these experiences with others in hopes that the admissions process and applications will become easier to navigate.

Before Moon Prep, Grant gained work experience in various trades in the construction industry, picking up skills across carpentry, steel-frame buildings, and modular conveyor sales and marketing. During his college years, he worked as a contract carpenter, responsible for managing and producing materials for residential customers and hiring and training his own employees. He also worked for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, maintaining park facilities and customer service. Grant recognizes his unique background and atypical road to medicine, and he serves as a ready resource for both traditional and non-traditional students as they embark on their journeys into college, medical school, and beyond.