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Webinar: Winning Scholarships and Reviewing Your Financial Aid Letter

March 9 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Moon Prep counselorS Michaela S, an experienced college counselor, and Nicole C, a former financial aid counselor at Hofstra University, will be hosting a live Scholarship Session to answer many of the questions you have about how to apply for scholarships during the college application process.

With the cost of many top universities exceeding $75K per year, paying for college without being buried in student loan debt, is on the top of many families’ minds.

Michaela and Nicole are Moon Prep’s scholarship experts and will guide high-income students through the whole process. They will be covering everything from how to find scholarships, which scholarships pay the most, and how to graduate from college with minimal debt.

Participants will be able to ask any questions and have an experienced counselor provide expert guidance.

Even if you can’t make the webinar date, a recording will be sent out to everyone who registered.

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