Christine S

Mentor + Essay Coach

Christine fosters a team-oriented approach with students and their families, collaborating with them in an environment of creativity to highlight their best personal assets in highly-personalized admission essays.

Indianapolis, Indiana

MD Candidate, Indiana University School of Medicine
BS, Kinesiology, Indiana University-Bloomington

An essay coach and mentor with Moon Prep, Christine fosters a team-oriented approach with her students, collaborating with them in a creative environment to highlight their greatest strengths through highly-personalized admission essays. As a medical mentor and current medical student, she has experience in academic counseling, career coaching, and resume writing for undergraduate students. Christine is passionate about drawing on her personal success with the medical school admissions process to offer expert advice on building resumes and timely feedback on student essays and overall applications. She has long had a genuine passion for mentoring, and she channels her energy into collaborative relationships that ultimately draw out student aspirations into thoughtful and well-written narratives. Through her tailored and team-oriented approach, Christine brings out the best in aspiring college students and physicians as they apply to their top-choice programs.

Alongside her mentoring at Moon Prep, Christine is currently a fourth-year medical student at the Indiana University School of Medicine. As she finishes her final year of medical school, she is also actively applying for her medical residency and pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine. Alongside a career in the provider space, Christine hopes to also engage other professional interests in public and global health. Given her direct experience in the U.S. medical education system, Christine recognizes the difficulty and confusion that can often accompany the medical school application process. For these reasons, she realizes how crucial an engaged and sincere mentor can be for students and their families as they embark on the grueling application marathon. With years of experience in mentoring, career coaching, and essay revision, Christine is prepared and eager to help students navigate this time-consuming, stressful, and ultimately rewarding process.

Before joining Moon Prep, Christine worked in many positions and professional environments that gave her the skills and techniques to elevate the writing quality of her students—especially those students wishing to create and produce compelling essays and personal statements. As an upperclassman at Indiana University, Christine worked as a student ambassador for the Indiana University School of Public Health, where she had extensive training and practice in the art and science of resume writing, cover letter editing, and career coaching for undergraduates. Christine also has valuable research experience from stints as a graduate student research assistant and supervisor for undergraduate students. Through these roles and rich educational experiences, she has refined her skills in editing various academic documents and professional deliverables. She looks forward to channeling her expertise to Moon Perp students to provide tailored feedback and help them produce their strongest possible applications.