Andy M

Independent Projects + Essay Coach

Andy cultivates long-term big-picture relationships with students and their families, advising them through a “whole application” approach with well-crafted essays, standout extracurriculars, and independent creative projects that collectively make the applicant highly competitive for admission.

Andy works with students on a variety of passion projects to help them stand out from the masses in the competitive college admissions process.

Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Master of Music, Music Composition, New England Conservatory of Music
Bachelor of Music, Music Theory, and Composition, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

An essay coach with Moon Prep, Andy takes a personalized approach with his students, partnering with them to craft essays, resumes, and scholarship applications that reflect their individual learning styles, academic strengths, and professional goals. As a coach, he is passionate about helping students applying to traditional universities and direct medical programs take their applications to the next level. Andy excels at keeping students on track from their freshman through senior year, helping them plan passion projects, secure hands-on professional and healthcare experiences, write research papers, and secure opportunities for physician shadowing. Andy is particularly keen on motivating students to brainstorm and develop unique essay topics to stand out in the competitive application process.

Alongside his mentoring at Moon Prep, Andy is currently a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an active freelance writer, musician, and producer. He has extensive experience guiding students through the college admissions essay and book writing process, many of whom have gone on to self-publish on platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play. He has written and ghostwritten several books on a variety of topics including music (e.g., improvisation and music production), creative entrepreneurship, personal finance, investing, the blockchain, and fiction. Andy has also guided students in commercially releasing their music on the major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. At UMass Dartmouth, Andy teaches music theory, jazz studies, composition, and music business courses. With his years of personal and professional experience in writing and music, Andy excels in helping students and musicians alike to craft and tell stories that captivate and inspire. He is especially eager to guide students and their families through the lengthy admissions process, helping them build a strong profile through creative projects and college essays that will stand out at top-choice programs.

Previously, Andy served as founder and curator of the Audible Think Improvised Music Series where he curated bimonthly concert series featuring artists from around the country. He also has extensive experience in web development and search engine optimization. Andy is a veteran of the Massachusetts Army National Guard with overseas tours in Iraq and Kuwait.