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Moon Prep Mentorship

Moon Prep works with many of the brightest students. Every day we see near-perfect GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Yet, this is not enough to get into top-tier BS/MD Programs or the Ivy League. Academics are only one factor for admission; it takes more than stellar grades. This is where Moon Prep comes in.

The Challenge

Let’s face it, students are busy! It’s not an easy feat to start a project from scratch, get it off the ground, and make impressive strides. Even high-achieving students often lack this discipline and consistency.

The Solution

Having a mentor by your side throughout high school is one of the best investments you can make. A mentor holds you accountable, keeps you on schedule, and guides you to make progress.

Mentor Experiences

Moon Prep offers numerous Mentor Experiences. The experiences are varied and each one can be further customized based on the student’s interests.

A Sampling Of Projects Moon Prep Students Are Pursuing 



  • Rising Researchers, by Moon Prep, pairs students with a research mentor to achieve clearly laid out goals.
  • One-on-one and small class cohorts are available.
  • Publish a peer-reviewed, indexed, research paper in a scientific journal.
  • Present your work at a poster symposium in front of your peers.

Medical Related Experiences

  • A mentor can help you obtain physician shadowing opportunities, hospital volunteering, and clinical experiences.
  • Your mentor can help you select meaningful summer opportunities and guide you through the application process.
  • Work with a mentor to fine-tune your resume and portfolio to be a competitive candidate for these opportunities

Community Impact Experiences

  • A mentor can guide you in launching a project to make a lasting impact in your local community.
  • Launch a non-profit, business, or community initiative.
  • Stay on track, make consistent strides, and showcase impressive results.

Published Author

  • Publish on Amazon/Kindle
  • Publish on Medium
  •  Magazine publishing
  •  Launch a blog

Published Musician

  • Showcase your musical abilities
  • Stream your music
  • Create soundtracks

Do you have a Passion Project idea?

  • Let the experienced team at Moon Prep help you take the project to the next level.
  • We can guide you on launching a new project or taking an existing project a step further.
  • The key to success is consistency. Moon Prep will keep you on track and ensure the project keeps pushing forward, resulting in a lasting impact.


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