Tanner E

Test Prep Mentor

Tanner utilizes his life-long experience as a student to help his own achieve their academic goals by developing the study habits, test taking strategies, and critical thinking skills, they need to independently tackle problems and feel confident on test day.

Austin, TX

Phd Candidate, Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin
MS, Geological Science, East Carolina University
BA, Geology, Gustavus Adolphus College

Tanner, a test preparation tutor, uses his lifelong experience as a student to help his own tackle their ACT/SAT college admission exams confidently and get the scores they need to meet program admission requirements. He is passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals and offers each a unique approach tailored to their individual needs and desired outcomes. Through this personalized implementation of study skills, test-taking strategies, and content mastery, Tanner provides an effective vehicle for student growth and score increase. He is a patient tutor who finds fulfillment in helping students overcome the barriers in front of them, achieve the goals they have set, and feel accomplished in their academic success.

In conjunction with his position at Moon Prep, Tanner is currently pursuing his PhD at the Institute for Geophysics in Austin, TX. As a lifelong student, Tanner has experienced the struggles of standardized testing more times than most. From this, he has developed a diverse educational toolbox, allowing him to adapt and tailor his approach to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. While mastering the specific subject material covered by standardized tests will result in higher scores or better grades, Tanner’s teaching style is focused on developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills required for students to feel confident in themselves and to tackle problems independently, both in- and out-of-session.

In previous roles, Tanner has instructed students as a math, science, and test preparation tutor, a classroom geology instructor, and a teaching assistant for a variety of Earth science courses, forming the foundation for his perspective as an educator. Combined with his life-long journey as a student, this experience has made Tanner a patient tutor who can directly relate to his students’ struggles and effectively help them overcome obstacles using techniques tailored to each individual.