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By admin October 23, 2016 Press

The numbers don’t lie; more than 60,000 college and university alumni groups are active on LinkedIn, making it a valuable resource for college-bound students. Yet, most high school students I work with do not have a LinkedIn profile. Many believe that LinkedIn is only for job seekers and business professionals. Below I have debunked the myth about LinkedIn for students and highlighted a few ways LinkedIn provides students with an edge in the competitive college admissions process.

Learn more about your target schools through University Pages

University Pages on LinkedIn contain a wealth of information. Students can join the conversation and engage with the campus community, admission officers, and alumni. Stay up-to-date on campus news, activities, and events for all your target schools.Interested in a university in England? Start by searching for schools in London. Then, connect with current students and get their viewpoints on the college. Additionally, students can utilize LinkedIn to explore the careers paths of graduates and connect with alumni in their chosen major.

Connect with alumni

What’s it like to live on campus? Do most students study abroad? Which professor is your favorite? These questions and many others can be answered by an informal alumni interview. LinkedIn hosts thousands of university alumni groups. Students can connect with alumni and ask a variety of questions that will help determine if a university is a good fit. Typically, alumni are more than happy to help potential students.

LinkedIn brings your resume to life

A LinkedIn page is more personal than a resume. Think of it as making your one-page resume come to life and highlighting who you are as an individual. Do you play the violin? Why not post a video of one of your performances? Are you a soccer player? Post a video of your winning goal. Take your time and make your LinkedIn page personal and highlight your goals, accomplishments, and why a university would be happy to have you as one of their students

Kristen Moon, the founder of, is featured on Safe, Smart & Social. She details how LinkedIn provides students with an edge in the competitive college admissions process. Click here to find out 3 Ways LinkedIn for Students Can Improve the College Admissions Process.