Kristen Moon discusses the benefits of the CTCL liberal arts colleges in Noodle Pros

By admin April 27, 2018 College Search Press

Kristen Moon, founder of Moon Prep college admissions guidance service, has shared her expertise on Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL), a non-profit organization with 44 liberal arts college members, each of which focuses on the provision of small but strong learning environments that provide the ideal atmosphere for students to learn. Kirsten’s article highlights the information provided by CTCL on these liberal arts colleges to parents and potential students. These educational establishments enable students to thrive in small classes with high levels of interaction with faculty, meaning that educators can act as mentors as well as teachers. These 44 colleges challenge the notion that only Ivy League universities can provide stimulating learning environments and interaction with world-class educators, meaning that any students considering the college admissions process should consider using the resources provided by CTCL at their website as well as on Facebook and Twitter using the #CTCLColleges hashtag. This article highlights the diverse range of education opportunities available to students considering the college admissions process as well as the resources made available by providers such as Moon Prep and CTCL.

Read Kristen’s full article on the Noodle Pros blog here.