Kristen Moon Contributing Writer In NRI Pulse

By admin August 12, 2017 College Search Press Scholarships and Financial Aid

Kristen’s article about 529 Plans is featured in Georgia’s Southeast Asian publication, NRI Pulse. Her article explains the how and why of the little-known, but tax-advantageous, 529 College Savings Plans.

Similar to a 401K or a Roth IRA, a 529 is tax-free on savings and investments; however, unlike these others, there’s no limit on contributors’ income. Another relatively unknown factor to consider when calculating college costs is the EFC (Expected Family Contribution); parents’ assets are counted at 5%, while asset in the student’s name are counted at 20%. Kristen further explains these and a few other perks and benefits in this informative article.

Read the May 2017 issue of NRI Pulse: Kristen Moon’s featured story on 529 Plans can be found on page 10. Click here.