Webinar: A Checklist for Summer for Rising Seniors

Although life seems like it won’t get back to normal anytime soon, you should have a plan for the summer. Moon Prep counselor Michaela will cover a checklist for the summer for high schoolers including how to build your resume, prepare for the college application and understand the college admission… Read More

Webinar: Writing The Personal Statement

  What can you offer the colleges, besides the numbers? This is where your essay comes in. It turns you into a three-dimensional person and helps you stand out from a crowded field of applicants. Writing the personal statement—and even just brainstorming a topic—can be a… Read More

Webinar: Big Changes Affecting College Admissions

In the best of times, applying to colleges and universities is stressful. Getting high grades, good SAT or ACT scores, taking multiple AP exams, asking for letters of recommendation, and participating in extracurricular activities takes months or years of preparation. But for students who are planning on applying to college,… Read More

Webinar: Applying for Scholarships

Moon Prep counselor Michaela S, an experienced college counselor, will be hosting a live Scholarship Session to answer many of the questions you have about how to apply for scholarships during the college application process. With the cost of many top universities exceeding $75K per year, paying for college… Read More

Webinar: Understanding The Different Ways Of Applying Early To College

The first college application deadlines are right around the corner! Understanding the different ways of applying early to colleges is essential to giving yourself a competitive edge in the college admissions game. In the webinar, Moon Prep counselor Lindsey will cover: The differences between early admission, rolling admission, and… Read More


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