Maybe You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion?

By admin July 5, 2016 College Search

The Washington Post has published an interesting article describing how many students who “follow their passion” in college have a difficult time finding a job upon graduation. Often, few jobs exist in their “passion”.

Having a plan to support yourself, while still pursuing your passions, can actually help you achieve your dream. It’s all about thinking ahead and planning.

Selecting a college major, or even a minor, that is employable is a GOOD IDEA. Many will tell you that “money does not matter”. They are lying. It does matter. Part of being an adult is supporting yourself and being responsible, and that takes money, and it is Not a bad thing. You can still pursue your dream, while making money at the same time. The two are Not mutually exclusive.

Trust me, no 30 year old is happy with mom and dad as roommates.

Read more about this interesting study here.