Is it OK to attend a for-profit college?

By admin September 3, 2016 College Search

For-profit colleges get a bad rap and many deserve it! It’s important to understand the difference between a for-profit and non-profit university. Many for-profit graduates aren’t getting the jobs they were promised and their degrees are not being recognized. Do your homework before enrolling.

Below are some articles worth reading:

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The For-Profit College Conundrum

Most For-Profit Students Wind Up Worse Off Than If They Had Never Enrolled in the First Place

Protecting Students from Bad Colleges

NACAC has published “What to know before you enroll” guide for students. It’s worth a read. Take a look here.

Their website also has “The Low-Down on For-Profit Colleges”. It can be read here.

Is it OK to attend a for-profit college?Is it OK to attend a for-profit college?