Georgia’s state colleges increased tuition by 77%

By admin May 5, 2017 College Search Paying for College

A state auditor’s review of college costs in Georgia has documented a 77 percent increase in the cost of attendance at a state college or university in the past 10 years. Parents and students have had to pick up more of the costs as the average price of attendance at a state school swelled from $8,361 a year in 2006 to $14,791 in 2016.

This happened as average HOPE scholarship awards dropped, inflation pushed up prices, state appropriations failed to keep pace with growing numbers of students, and institutions increased fees to cover rising costs and pay for programs such as adding football teams.

Georgia raises college tuitionGeorgia raises college tuition

The good news in the report is that the average cost of a state college education in Georgia is still 25 percent cheaper on average than what peer institutions in other states charge, the auditor’s review says.

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