3 Ways to Save Money by Attending U.K. Universities

By admin January 11, 2017 College Search Paying for College

More and more American students are pursuing degrees at UK universities. The reason boils down to 2 points: time and money. UK universities are typically less expensive than their U.S. counterparts and when you factor in graduating in less time while using U.S. federal aid, the savings are substantial. Below are 3 ways students save time and money by crossing the pond:

UK schools do not require students to take all those “fluff” classes. Most American universities have a ton of general requirements. UK universities encourage the students to dive right into their major. This is the reason most graduate with a bachelor degree in 3 yrs vs. 4 yrs for U.S. universities. In the UK, students can receive a bachelor and masters degree in only 4 years; whereas, in the U.S. it takes an average of 6 years. This saves 2 years worth of tuition, which can easily total over $100K at a private U.S. university.

If a student qualifies for financial aid, provided by the U.S. federal government, they can often apply that aid towards attending a UK university.

American students are eligible to receive UK scholarships and financial aid. The British Council, a non-profit organization specializing in international cultural and educational opportunities, provides free resources for international students seeking scholarships and financial aid.