Aurora L

Mentor + Essay Coach

By getting to know each of her students and encouraging self-reflection, Aurora empowers them to craft thoughtful, polished essays highlighting their unique strengths, personalities, and experiences. Her goal is to help them stand out as applicants to the admissions staff.

New Brunswick, NJ

MD Candidate 2026, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
BA, English, Haverford College

As a medical mentor and essay coach with Moon Prep, Aurora collaborates with her students to produce polished, insightful essays that demonstrate the unique strengths of each applicant. She gets to know her students and encourages them to reflect on their experiences outside of the classroom, empowering each student to showcase experiences that are important to them. As such, Aurora helps students display aspects of their personality that will make them successful medical students and doctors, utilizing the college admissions essays to highlight personal strengths not demonstrated elsewhere in a student’s application. Aurora also draws upon her experience as a writing tutor and English major to help students improve their writing skills, providing astute feedback that goes well beyond comments on grammar and sentence structure.

Aurora is currently finishing her first year of medical school at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. In college, she worked part-time as a tutor, tutoring students in various subjects, including writing and English, SAT, and Chemistry. Aurora worked predominantly with high school students and, in some instances, helped students achieve the grades or SAT scores needed for college admission. After college, Aurora worked as a clinical research coordinator, first for the Mount Sinai Parenting Center and then for the New York Proton Center. Through her work, she met many mentors and role models who helped support her during the medical school application process. Her previous work as a tutor, as well as her own acceptance to medical school, underscores the importance of mentorship in the admissions process, and Aurora is eager to help BS/MD, BS/DO, and traditional university applicants achieve the same success.

Besides working as a tutor in college, Aurora gained exposure to the medical field through hospice volunteering and working during the summers in a primary care office. She was also a student-athlete, playing on the Haverford women’s varsity tennis team for two years. After college, her experience as a clinical research coordinator helped her gain familiarity with the research process, most notably clinical trials. It also allowed her to work closely with patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers.